Customer Contact Inc. (CCI) began operation as a media and retail marketing and communications consulting company on January 1, 1993.

CCI is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with regional offices in two locations to better service its clients.

CCI  has worked with media and advertisers in over 100 markets. Through its nationwide client base, CCI monitors change both on local market and national levels.  Annual surveys profile shopping habits, demographics, and communications of a wide variety of product/service categories on a market-specific basis throughout the United States.  These profiles are used by our clients to assist decision-makers to develop better goals, objectives, tactics and strategies for the late 1990ís and into the third millenium!

Consulting and training are the cornerstones that make CCI products work.  The CCI staff has marketing experience in retail, media, advertising and ad agency involvement.

This expertise is used to bring your needs into focus so we can bring your customer into focus